What we do

We Can Help Your Organisation Grow

We are extremely flexible and we very open to assisting you with any type of paperwork that you are struggling with.

This might be reviewing or writing policies, getting ready for accreditation or an audit or assisting you to develop programs, systems or strategies. We can help you with strategic and operational planning and our aim is to help you to make huge improvements to your organisation or business.

We have been consulting for four years and have worked for organisation’s across rural/remote NSW, Sydney/ metropolitan areas and QLD and Victoria. We are extremely dedicated to providing an excellent, first class, professional service.

We have worked with local government organisations in QLD and NSW and with not for profit and for profit organisations. We are happy to travel to wherever you are situated whether this is in the bush or the city.

While we have expertise in community services, we are adaptable and we have reviewed or written policies on topics such as ‘Grid Installation’ or ‘Plant Replacement’ for local government! If we don’t know something, we will research it thoroughly, review the relevant legislation, contact experts if required and develop a policy for you!


Our rate for consulting services is $112 per hour. We can provide a fixed price quote, or work on an hourly basis. We are happy to provide a quote for assistance on a weekly, monthly or annual basis – or to work within a specific budget. You tell us what is best for your organisation and we will try to make this work.

Our Vision:

  • To build a superior service with an excellent reputation for integrity, professionalism and on-target delivery
  • To meet the challenges of good governance for client organisations, in the ever-changing community service sector
  • To do the paperwork that clients don’t have time to do, efficiently and effectively.

Find out how we can help your business thrive!