Paper Jam!

Having worked in community services for a number of years I have witnessed the introduction of new legislation, guidelines, forms and standard practices. When I commenced work in the Home and Community Care area in 2003 there were few forms and little information collected or stored. Similarly there were few ‘guidelines’ or ‘policy manuals’ available. How things have changed! It is not unusual to visit a service in 2015 and be shown enormous policy and procedure manuals (up to two inches thick!), filled with pages and pages of words, actions and instructions, referring to different Acts/guidelines or legislations!

There have been many changes in the aged and disability sector, possibly more in a short period of time than there ever has been before. HACC standards and/or guidelines were replaced with the Community Care Common Standards, which were changed again and are now called the Home Care Common Standards. The twelve (12) National Disability Standards have been reduced to six (6) National Disability Standards. Children’s services legislation has changed along with legislation relating to Work Health and Safety and Privacy. It is difficult to keep up with and not unusual to hear employees groan “I just have no idea where to start” or “I don’t know what to do!”

I was recently speaking with a Coordinator of a small service who was bemoaning the number of forms required for an intake and assessment of a service user requiring one basic service. When the Privacy Act now states that you should only collect information which is relevant to service delivery it seems ludicrous that we are requesting pages and pages of information for a simple service. There is a very real need for reduction of information, for reduction of forms, policies and procedures. There is a need for services to go through and remove, delete, reduce the information that they have in their service, to keep only what is relevant, necessary and useful for the delivery of a service.

As well as reviewing or developing policies, procedures and forms which align with funding and legislative requirements, Strategy to Action can streamline and organise your whole office/workplace. We can organise your office systems so that any employee could access what they need, when they need it, easily and without having to look through ten thick folders. We could develop systems which reduce time, effort and agony! We can assist in reducing complication and confusion in your office via good systems which capture only the information you need!

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