Doing the paperwork
you don't have time to do

Doing the paperwork
you don't have time to do

Strategy 2 Action will help you do the paperwork you don’t have time to do

Our aim is to give you the freedom to push ahead with your organisation’s goals and dreams.

We are a small consulting business, owned and operated by business partners Robyn Condon and Susie Dunn.

We have been consulting for four years and have worked with organisations in rural, remote and metropolitan areas across NSW, QLD and Victoria.

Our areas of expertise are in the aged, disability, homelessness and early childhood fields, but we will do just about any type of paperwork that you request!

We can help you with the following business documents

  • Policies
  • Procedures
  • Forms
  • Systems
  • Reviews
  • Funding submissions
  • Reports

  • Business & Strategic plans
  • Compliance, internal and second party audits
  • Guidelines
  • Strategies
  • Planning

Who are we

P: 0429 848 765

Robyn grew up in QLD and later co-owned a property in the channel country of Western QLD with her husband…

P: 0438 375 252

Susie Dunn grew up in Western QLD and in her 20’s travelled Australia and worked in various positions as…

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